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Hey creative photo peeps, some friends of ours just launched this cool site: Space For Arts it’s a studio listings site built specifically for the NYC photography community.

We like it because most listings sites aren’t focused on helping photographers connect with quality photo studios, others don’t offer searches by categories that are important to photo shoots.

They tell us “At Space For Arts, studio owners can easily post their spaces and photo professionals can easily search by location, size, type and many other features.”

Right now they are only handling listings in the New York metro area including: Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ and Queens.

Anyways you an easily sign up here:

There are no fees and it’s easy to use!


Here is How it Works:

Space for Arts is the easiest way to search and to book photo studios in NYC.


Photo Professionals

Booking studio time has never been easier. It’s easy to get started (free to sign up) and as soon as you create a profile you can request, book, and pay for studio time at the best studios around you.

Here are a few tips:

1. Be thorough in your profile. The studios we work with are very selective and want to know who will be in their studio.
2. Keep in mind that we book in 10 hour blocks (daily rate). If you have any special requests, questions regarding equipment, or anything else, you can contact studios directly from their listing. Please keep in mind that we make the process easier for studios so they prefer to book through our platform.
3. Our goal is to connect artists with the best studios so help us spread the word and build our community. Please share Space for Arts with other photo professionals!
We make it easier for you to book your studio. We work with the high quality editors, producers and photographers that are always looking for studio time. Here are a few tips when using Space for Arts:
1. Be thorough as possible in your profile. Please provide accurate photos, a compelling description, equipment details and any limitations. We want to help market your studio to our community as best as possible.
2. Identify your schedule on your listing so that artists can select dates and pay you as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that we currently book in 10 hour days.
3. Share!- Our goal is to connect the best artists with your studio so help us spread the word and build our community.

We do charge a booking fee (see terms page) to help keep the lights on at Space For Arts. If you have any questions regarding pricing, getting started, or need help at any time please reach out to us at



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