Spank’s Guide to Jockstraps, Styles for Every Guy

With summer on the way we asked Baron Munoz, who organizes  the hot monthly jockstrap happy hour at the Eagle NYC, for some essential advice: What jockstrap should I buy? It’s kind of like Spank’s Cosmo quiz… are you more of a no-frills, leather or just classic, find out your jock-type below!

Photographs by Michael McFadden | Written by Baron Munoz

Every month I get the pleasure to co-host Jockstrap Happy Hour at The Eagle. What started as a fun one-off fundraising event is now a recurring evening of hot guys in their jocks having a good time and contributing to raise money for an array of charities and organizations benefiting our community.

Because few things in this world are better than enjoying a beer while wearing a jockstrap, below are a few jock options modeled by the boys of Team Funky Monkey for you to wear to the next Jockstrap Happy Hour. 
For the no-frills kind of guy: 
The Bike Jock – the genesis of jockstraps, this is as straightforward as it gets. With an extremely comfortable pouch that highlights your junk, a solid wide waistband, and simple leg straps for “support”, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic. 
For the jock into jocks: 
C-In2 Scrimmage Jock – Inspired by the game of pigskin, scrimmage is a sportier take on a jock. The pouch is made of mesh giving you extra “ventilation” in case you get sweaty while playing with balls.  
For the bar aficionado: 
The Eagle Jock – much like the classic bike jock, this jock looks and fits great! Show your support for New York’s premier leather bar by flashing their logo up close and personal. 
Speaking of leather: 
The Leather Man Jock Deluxe – If you’re going to embrace the essence of The Eagle, do so while wearing one of the best leather jocks out there. The Leather Man is known for its craftsmanship and this jock is not only sexy but is also well made. It’s sure to keep up with whatever fun times you choose to get into. 
If leather’s your thing but you’re not so sure about wearing your furry friends:
N2N Liquid Skin Jock – This is a great leather-alternative style. It is slick and super hot. If you’re looking for animal-friendly options it’s hard to go wrong with this one. 
For the fashion minimalist: 
C-In2 Hard//Core – Taking a classic jock and making it more modern, Hard//Core propels the quintessential silhouette and distills it to its basic elements. An excellent option for the guy who likes something a little more one-of-a-kind yet still understated. 
For the bold and colorful:
C-In2 Screenshot – Want to draw more attention to your junk? Cover it in eye-catching prints and bright colors. Screenshot is not for the shy guy, but then again you’re already wearing a jock, so maybe give prints a chance and try something different.  
For the jock virgin: 
Nasty Pig Jock – They make comfortable jocks with just the right amount of edginess. If you’re dabbling in the world of jocks this is a great starting point.  
Make sure you come meet Team Funky Monkey on Wednesday, April 26th from 7-10pm and throw some dollars towards their upcoming bike ride for the AIDS/Lifecycle. See you then!
Thanks to models: Uri, Shafiq, Shane and Tim from Team Funky Monkey
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