Spank + Stank = Juanita MORE!

Save the date!!!
This Friday Sept. 26th, the House of Stank (DJs W. Jeremy and Christy Love) and SPANK! DJs SeanB and DJ Will join forces to welcome Juanita MORE! from San Franciso upstairs at Mr. Black. Ana Matronic and Del Marquis play host, wow!!. This party will rock. We’ll profile the various players involved in this event in more detail as the week progresses.
NOW: More on Juanita MORE!

Many know her as a performer and lady about the scene in San Francisco. Others know her for her community work on both coasts including God’s Love We Deliver at it’s inception in NYC. Her work for the LGBT communities in San Francisco and nationwide have led her to be recently entered into Sainthood in a beautiful ceremony performed by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. On Friday, we celebrate her magic in yet another realm: as a fierce DJ! DJ Juanita MORE! will lay down a mix of underground tech house, electro, disco classics, lip-sync favorites and dirty B-side basslines. Anyone who has experienced her magic gives glowing reviews. We’re thrilled to create this event with her. Come dance with us!

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  1. She is San Francisco.

    Juanita-a friend and confidant-has been giving SF realness before I ever landed in this beauitful city. I adore her! What she has done for the community can not be touched by anyone in SF on the scene. She is the real deal . . . classy with a razor blade in her hair! With so many children in SF wanting attention . . . they should call her about tips on how to succeed!

    I Live!

    Jonathan Solo

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