Sarah Jenny!

Photo by Tinker Coalescing.

Artist, activist and Hey Queen producer Sarah Jenny talks to Spank about Everybooty!

What’s your involvement with Hey Queen?

I am co-producer of Hey Queen!, starting with the second party four years ago. We’re now up to 50 parties this Pride weekend!

What’s the quintessential element of Hey Queen! that separates it from other parties in the same genre?

I think Hey Queen! has really strong roots in Brooklyn’s queer community, and our mandate has been to create space that is really conscientious about the needs of community from financial to physical accessibility to showcasing diverse performers and DJs.  We’ve made mistakes but we’ve also learned from them and I think it is our flexibility, commitment and passion about community that keeps people coming back to our events.

What changes when Hey Queen! merges with Spank and Earl Dax at Everybooty?

We go from having to reach consensus among the two producers of Hey Queen! to reaching consensus among six. This is no small feat! We are all very impassioned and advocated for the performers we wanted to see. It was great to be exposed to so many new DJs and performance artists through SPANK and Earl Dax.

What’s special about the performance line-up at Everybooty?

We have a truly incredible line-up from veteran downtown performance artists to emerging artists — really running the whole gamut. For me, the most exciting part is having folks come because they are excited about a particular performer and being exposed to new works and genres.

The party is at BAM this year. That’s a big deal, right?

This is a huge deal and we are so honored to collaborate with BAM this Pride. BAM is such an important arts institution, of course in Brooklyn — and beyond.

In seven days you’re knocking off the Mermaid Parade, Everybooty and Queen of Pentacles, while still holding down a day job. What’s the secret to maintaining an action packed schedule without falling apart?

It’s my femme Leo realness.  I am one of those “work hard, play hard” people and I don’t fuck around. Truthfully, I feed off the energy of creating spaces for my community. It’s incredibly rewarding. I can’t wait to share Pride Weekend with everyone, especially in light of our DOMA win today!

Any special messages for party peeps?

Arrive early, have a blast and be sure to tip your gogo dancers and bartenders! Happy Pride!

Everybooty is tonight at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. See below for details.

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