Holiday Spank Special: Buy Bitch & TUFF, the SPANK scent!

Need that last-minute gift for a friend? We got you covered, this week only order the limited edition Spank Scent Bitch&Tuff for Just $25.00!

Inspired by men after sex, jockstraps and steam rooms and brought to life by Cory Ingram the Bitch & TUFF scent is a special moment! With just 150 signed and numbered units available it’s a limited edition one-time-only don’t-miss part of Spank history that you will want to wear every day. In fact, it’s two scents that can be combined or work separately depending if you wanna feel the Bitch or play TUFF. Both have a spicy woody appeal and we smell hints of leather in TUFF and aromas of amber in Bitch.

Click Here to Buy in the USA forĀ  just $25.00 + $7.00 shipping and handling

Photograph by Marek Barry // Still life photos by David Bechtel

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