Spank Events, Spank Zine and our website and store at Spankartmag.com all share the goal of providing a stage for queer artists and performers.

>Spank Zine was born out of the Spank Party and the desire to document and give a voice to the culture around it.

>Spank is the creation of Jason Roe, William Lynn  (aka DJ  Will Automagic) and Sean Bumgarner (aka DJ Sean B)

>Our roving monthly party serves as the release event for Spank Zine and brings together trend leaders from the art world and the downtown NYC performance scene.

>We integrate our parties and the Zine with innovative live art creation like Live nude drawing, polaroid booths and performances.

>Our Limited edition zine and daily blog curates Photography, Drawing, writing, music and arts culture for a new generation of gays.

>Additionally we manage a daily blog, facebook and perform at a variety of special events.

soundcloud.com/spanknyc     info@spankartmag.com



Contributors & Performers
Justin Bond  Tony award winning award artist and performer
Carter Smith  Fashion Photographer (GQ, W, Harper Bizarre) and film maker
Big Art Group  Experimental Theater group and visual artists
Miguel Guiterrez International Dancer and performer
Terry Tsiolis  Fashion Photographer (Harpers Bizarre)
Del Marquis  Scissor Sisters Guitarist
Dale Peck  Out magazine columnist and critically acclaimed writer
Nita Aviance  DJ for the Saturday party Tubway at Mr. Black  also in the band La’Mady
The Dazzle Dancers  Performance artists
Billy Beyond  Featured in the Photo Book ‘So 80s’ Artist, photographer, fashion model, and his band Beadz on Nude Illusion
Sammy Jo International tour DJ for The Scissor Sisters
Roberto De Luna  Photographer and fine artist
Honey Dijon  International DJ
David Yarritu  NYC legend, photographer, former
member of the 80’s band ABC
Desi Santiago  Conceptual and performance artist,
NYC nightlife legend
Milan  Broadway performer (Hairspray),
member of the band Da Lipstyxx
JoJo Americo of The Ones currently the video  for
their song “When We Get Together” is in the Top 10 on
the Logo channel