11:11 Announces it’s Last Dance

Numerologists claim that seeing 11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign.

When Ladyfag launched 11:11 at a small bar on Houston with a secret lower-level dancefloor, you may have doubted –but four and a half years later it’s closing up stronger that it started. No official word on what is put an end of the night but we’ve heard a rumor or two that Lady may be starting something new. She shares “11:11 is my baby, so it’s hard to say goodbye. But change is good, we have had an insane run, longer then most parties ever could dream of!

It’s been home for so many people and I have the best memories, and want to keep it that way. It’s hard to fall in love again when you’re still in love with someone else, so I’m kissing my baby goodbye while I’m still in love with her and moving on. Bring Kleenex on Friday…I’ll need it!”

Ladyfag and Michael Magnan pulled together a gallery of amazing photos of 11:11 through the years. Color pictures by Spank contributor Jason Rodgers, B+W pics by Michelle Blioux. Plus Michael shares 10 his basement faves that got some heavy rotation below.

 The last 11:11 party is this Friday. Facebook info here.



11:11 Tribute –Magnan’s 10 Basement faves

Mike Shannon & Andrea Fiorito – Own This

Paul Johnson – Let’s Sing

Jordan Peak – Don’t It Feel Good

Maxwell – Spun (NY Stomp Remix)

Gerry Read – 90’s Prostitution Racket

Wishdokta – Bannana Sausage

DJ Trajic – Club Diva

Rushmore – Soho Only

The Carry Nation – As If (Fatherhood Remix)

Borrowed Identity – You Can’t Change A Man

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